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Farmland Drainage Layout & Design in  Southern Minnesota
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   Specializing in:

   • Farm Drainage Layout and Design 
                • Provides for an ideal seedbed moisture / air ratio
                • Provides for reduced fuel and pesticide use from less weed and fungus pressure
                • Provides for timely field work due to consistent field conditions - planting & harvest 
                • Provides for reduced surface erosion due to reduced surface water run-off
                • Provides for better establishment of root zones for nutrient uptake  

   • System / Pattern Tile Drainage Proposals      
          Tiling Plans Include: 
               • Proposed drainage tile map             •  Footage totals - color coded by tile size
               • Soil map layer   •  Contour layer      •  Map layer with elevation labels on 50' grid
               • 100' w/10' marked reference grid     •  Existing tile layer if available
               • Soil list w/MN Drainage Guide recommended spacing's 
               • Proposed Main & Sub-main Designs from LIDAR data
    Get a drainage plan put together now to work with landlords on rented property 
    Get a complete project design that considers entire watersheds, outlets and limited budgets 

   • CAP130 Controlled Drainage Water Management Plans (Review Examples)  
            as a Certified TSP (Trained Services Provider) for Controlled Drainage in MN

  • GPS-Trimble FMX / Trimble Farm Works formatted and pre-designed installation data for laterals
            to your specified parameters for loading on the Trimble FMX field computer via USB flash drive 
            to avoid having plow or trencher backing down lines to speed up tile installation!

  Member - Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors Association - MNLICA
  Member - Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition - ADMC
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