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Farmland Drainage Layout & Design in  Southern Minnesota
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    * We offer freelance drainage plans and design services.

   Specializing in:

   • Farm Drainage Layout and Design 
            - provides for:
      • An ideal seedbed moisture / air ratio
      • Reduced fuel and pesticide use from less weed and fungus pressure
      • Timely field work due to consistent field conditions - planting & harvest 
      • Reduced surface erosion due to reduced surface water run-off
      • Better establishment of root zones for nutrient uptake  

   • System / Pattern Tile Drainage Proposals      
          Tiling Plans Include: 
               • Proposed drainage tile base map     •  Footage totals - color coded by tile size
               • Soil map layer   •  Contour layer       •  Elevation label colors change with contour on 50' grid 
               • 100' w/10' marked reference grid     •  Existing tile layer if available
               • Mains are sized according to your preferred 24 hour rainfall coefficients
               • Soil list w/MN Drainage Guide recommended spacing's, including drainability rating and acres 
               • Proposed Main & Sub-main Designs when needed - created using LIDAR data
    Get a drainage plan put together now to work with landlords on rented property 
    Get a complete project design that considers entire watersheds, outlets and limited budgets 

  • GPS-Trimble FMX / Trimble Farm Works 
            • Installation Data - formatted and pre-designed installation data for laterals
              to your specified parameters for loading via a USB drive
              uploaded into the Trimble FMX or TMX field computer
           •  Background Image - KMZ or Shapefiles - viewing of the tile map as a background image 
              for smartphones and tablets is also an option for most other field computers 
              by loading generic shapefiles                
           • Minimize deadheading - avoid having to track your plow or trencher back down 
             each line to input parameters speeding up tile installation
           • As-Installed Maps - ask us about providing as-installed maps and parameter reports   

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