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Examples of Completed CAP130 Projects prepared by Air-Row Surveying LLC
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The goal of control drainage is to preserve water and fertilizer nutrients on the land to increase yields while helping protect the environment.  The CAP130 incentive programs are available to landowners / farmers for projects ideally greater than 10 acres per control structure.  Lift gate structures control 2 foot elevation zones and in-line water gates control 1 foot elevation zones.  Retrofitting of existing tile systems can also be considered. Implementation of the plans after being submitted and authorized are up to the landowner or farmer's discretion.
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                                                         ---  Controls   ---           Acres               
                                                  Lift Gate    -   Inline  -     Controlled   Comments                                   
Farm # 1 (Single Control)
    Example A (Simple Design)         1                  0              18.9          Controls located on field edge
      Notes: This is an example of a straight forward control drainage design plan.  

Farm # 2 (Multiple Controls)
   Example B (Initial Design)           3                  0               79.1          Controls located in farmed area 
   Example C (Revised Design)      4                  0               95.5          Controls located on field edge
      NotesAfter putting together this plan, the Landowner / Farmer stated they did not want the controls located in the field.  It did work to redo the plan so the controls were located on the field edge.  Also, after taking another look at the project I added another 10+ acre controlled system on the East side.  It is important to discuss the land owners objectives and the limitations of the control drainage plan.

Control Drainage Plan Information Review (PDF Document)
      Note: This form will help the Landowner / Farmer and TSP identify what objectives and limitations to expect in the proposed drainage plan.

Helpful Resources
ADMC - Advanced Drainage Management Coalition (Offer support materials / TSP Certification, etc).
MNLICA - Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors Association
USDA MN - Drainage Water Management - Templates / Technical Resources